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Artifact ID: 06545df9e980451d84ba97c923082a6387f66e7f
Page Name:Network Access
Date: 2013-02-26 02:53:05
Original User: rkeene

DACT has very rich network support. It supports referencing files on the command line (though not in the way you would expect), embedding netscape-style URLs in the header to be checked (and CRC verified) before extracting the local data, and even emebedding a file with a list of URLs to check with variable substitution.

Support for extracting files on the command line currently operates exactly the same for local files as for files specified in URL style. This means that if you were to do:
    dact -d ftp://www.rkeene.org/users/rkeene/dact.tar.gz
DACT would try to write to the file ftp://www.rkeene.org/users/rkeene/dact.tar which will fail.